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Regulations on air conditioners

Regulations on air conditioners

The proposed rollback of an energy-saving standard for air conditioners has produced a sharp split within the Bush administration. The EPA is accusing the Energy Department of “misinformation” — understating potential energy savings while exaggerating the impact on industry. As part of a review of regulations issued in the final months of the Clinton administration, [...]

Air conditioners in Asian countries

Air conditioners in Asian countries

Finorgan Pte Ltd, incorporated as a Private Limited Company in the Republic of Singapore in 1996 (Reg. No. 199606576K) has been an export house of repute in agricultural and consumer products with a client network rapidly increasing to touch every corner of the globe. With extensive presence in most of the continents and a well [...]

Portable air conditioners

I was noticing on Amazon.com that the portable air conditioners (that can be wheeled from room to room) have gone down in price. Consumer Reports reviewed them years ago and said they weren’t energy efficient. The new units my Danby, Mobile Air and others are combo a/c, humidifiers, and heaters. Anyone have experience recently and [...]

How to Fix Air Conditioner?

I have an older 5000 BTU window A/C. It didn’t seem to be cooling much, so I checked it with my digital temp probe. I can hear the compressor running. Outside air temp was 82, and the air outlet tep was 70 deg.! I have recently cleaned it, so the air flow must be OK. [...]

Which is better-HEPA vacuum or HEPA Air cleaner?

First, regular vacuums, with bags, have problems stopping small particulate matter: dust, or any other small particles. The reason is simple; the bag must “breathe”. As the vacuum sucks in air, and particulate matter, the air has to exit through the bag, and the particles, hopefully, stay in the bag. (If the bag didn’t breathe, [...]

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Quiet window air conditioners

I don’t think there are any room air conditioners that would make your viewing and listening experience enjoyable in a home theater room. One thing you might try is what I did in my upstairs. Our house is old and poorly insulated. The upstairs gets excruciatingly hot in the summer. To combat this, I put [...]

Eco-friendly Air Conditioners

Now there is more good news for consumers looking for environmentally friendly products. Televisions, VCRs and air conditioners have been added to the list of appliances to qualify for the Energy Star label issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy. “The label identifies the most energy-efficient products available to [...]

Energy-efficiency standards for home central air conditioners

Energy-efficiency standards for home central air conditioners

State attorneys general from New York, California and Connecticut sued the Energy Department to force adoption of energy-efficiency standards for home central air conditioners and heat pumps developed by the Clinton administration. The department proposed regulations in April to require that central air conditioners and heat pumps beginning with the 2006 model year use 20 [...]

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